Who is The Baron ?

‘The Baron’ is an anonymous pseudonym for a group of traders and speculators who live and breathe all things financial markets.

These traders have collectively traded and invested in stock and derivative markets around the world for several decades, achieving varying success in a range of different markets and conditions.

This blog brings their collective talents, skills and knowledge to one single domain, allowing you the humble retail speculator the opportunity to look over The Baron’s shoulder and leverage truly unique opinions on both local and international stock markets.

It is the sole aim of The Baron to offer our readers unique opinions and knowledge that when combined can be harnessed to produce financial gain.

Our Philosophy:

The Baron’s philosophy is to trade both long (buy) and short (sell) in stock markets, focussing heavily on trending stocks with a market capitalization over $100m usd equivalent ($120m aud).

We are 99% technical chart reading in our trading approach, with very little regard for news or fundamental data, although we will always take into consideration what the company does and it’s background.

We look to risk 1 unit to make 2 units minimum on every trade, with the aim of winning at least 50% of our trades or better (not a certainty, but a goal).